About all the bicycles in Amsterdam..

Some useful tips 

Amsterdam counts more bicycles than people, crazy but no surprise since it's by far the easiest way to get around. If you're not used to this it may be a bit strange in the beginning and maybe you could use some help.

Fist you need a bicycle of course and secondhand bikes are the way to go here. Here's a few tips:

Most bicycle (repair) shops sell secondhand bikes. A slightly cheaper option may be one of the vendors at Waterlooplein market. You can also buy one directly from someone, we have a Facebook group just for that purpose where many bikes are advertised.

Don’t buy bikes from random people on the street and check if the bike is stolen before you buy it by checking its frame number on this website. If the police catches you on a stolen bike or buying a stolen bike, you are fined €160. Moreover, you are part of the problem.


Some other tips that may be of use as a newbie:

  • Use lights. You may get fined for riding without lights but it is especially important for your safety. Just get the €2 lights at “Hema” if your bike doesn’t have one already.
  • Use 2 locks. 1 chain lock and 1 wheel lock, attach the wheel lock to something and make sure it goes through your frontwheel and frame.
  • Don’t park your bike randomly on the street but only in designated places. Illegally parked bikes are removed frequently.
  • Don’t leave your parked bike too long around Leidseplein or Central Station. The maximum parking duration is 2 weeks.